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Lo Gar Yee, Maria


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Arthur Francis Sands

Honorary Research Associate

I started my career in evolutionary genomics at the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) where I obtained my BSc and BSc Hon. degrees in Biodiversity & Ecology and an MSc in Zoology. I furthered this as a Marie Curie Fellow, completing a PhD in Animal Ecology & Systematics at Justus Liebig University (Germany) in 2020. I have always had a passion for genetics and its link to the natural world. This passion means that I am highly interested in using modern genetic principles to obtain a greater understanding of the dynamics of organisms and biological systems - particularly through biogeography, phylogenetics and taxonomy. I have been fortunate to work on several different groups of biota (inc. mice, ticks & molluscs, crustaceans and birds) across the globe and to answer practical biological questions assisting conservation. I have always had a love for ornithology and birds: from the time I was able to write I have been marking off birds in various field guides and my interest in them goes back as early as I can remember. Today my research at HKU is mainly directed at the speciation and biogeography of the Sulpher-crested Cockatoo (C. galerita) the genetic aspects of forest bird invasions (specifically in Hong Kong).

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